Series: Baby

Model: BMA

Target market: Family with babies or children, playgroup, nursing field

Main features:

  • Dust Mites Remover: cCollects and removes any floating dust mites and other respirable suspended particulates.
  • NCCO Reactor: Breaks down nicotine and toxic substances in “third-hand smoke’, for example, hydrocyanic acid, butane, toluene, etc.

Suggested place to put: Bedroom, playroom, nursing area, bathrooms

Air Treatment Unit for Baby Series

Model BMA
Power Supply AC200-240V
Power Consumption 52-62W
Dimensions 263 (L) x 177 (W) x 364 (H) mm
Weight 3.9kg
Recommended Applicable Area 20-30 m2
Treatment System Stage 1 - Active Oxygen Generator
Stage 2 - Dust Mites Remover
Stage 3 - NCCO Reactor