Series: Renovation

Model: RLA

Target market: Homes, places that are renovating or just renovated

Main features:

  • Formaldehyde Adsorber: removes the polar (water-soluble) VOCs including formaldehyde.
  • NCCO Reactor: breaks down the non-polar (oil-soluble) VOCs such as thinner and acetone. The two layers work well together and thus provide a higher capacity for processing the harmful air pollutants.

Suggested place to put: Living room, bedroom, home offices etc.

Air Treatment Unit for Renocation Series

Model RLA
Power Supply AC200-240V
Power Consumption 53-76W
Dimensions 420 (L) x 210 (W) x 574 (H) mm
Weight 8.75kg
Recommended Applicable Area 40-60 m2
Treatment System Stage 1 - Active Oxygen Generator
Stage 2 - Pre-filter
Stage 3 - Formaldehyde Adsorber
Stage 4 - NCCO reactor